Denison University Lessons/Classes

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Alexander Technique Private Lessons
MUSP-125-01, 1 credit hour
One 25-minute lesson per week.

Alexander Technique Private Lessons
MUSP-225-01, 2 credit hours
One 50-minute lesson per week.

Private Lessons are scheduled at mutually agreeable times.


Alexander Technique Workshop
1 credit hour
(There are multiple sections at different times. Consult the current Denison University Schedule of Classes.)

The Alexander Technique is a widely recognized educational method for improving balance, alignment, ease, flexibility and energy. The Technique offers us insight into the underlying principles that govern human movement. When applied, these principles guide us to a dynamic kinesthetic lightness, wherein thinking becomes clearer, feeling accessible, sensations livelier, and movement more pleasurable. Within this fluid, more conscious condition, we find our actions and interactions strengthened and refined, our sense of time expanded, and our rapport with the environment restored.

The workshop addresses structural problems treated by performing arts medicine and in addition, neuroscience research which supports evidence of misuse resulting in pain/injury by our own mental process and perceptions of our body's structure. We explore gentle movement and relaxation exercise as well as the application of Body Mapping to gain clear and accurate information about our anatomical structure for optimal movement.


Fee Information

Department of Music fees are required of a student taking private lessons in Alexander Technique. A surcharge of $420 (1 credit) or $840 (2 credits) of instruction per semester is assessed for individual Alexander Technique lessons. Music majors may petition the Department of Music for a two-credit surcharge waiver.

Any student paying regular tuition may attend the Alexander Technique Workshop without extra charge.


|poiz| n.

1 graceful and elegant bearing in a person: poise and good deportment can be cultivated.

•composure and dignity of manner: at least he had a moment to think, to recover his poise.

2 balance; equilibrium

The New Oxford American Dictionary

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