Individual Lessons

What is the purpose of individual lessons?

Individual lessons help one to learn how to practice the principles of the Alexander Technique for oneself. Although no specific results are guaranteed, the many and often experienced benefits of the Technique depend on bringing the principles of the work into your everyday life.

What happens in a lesson?

In a lesson the teacher uses verbal coaching and gentle hands-on work to guide movement that enhances the student’s kinesthetic (movement) awareness. Practical and relevant anatomical information is shared. Lessons take place fully clothed. Trousers or pants work best, rather then dresses or tight clothing.

How many lessons does one need?
How much do they cost?

Changing the way we use ourself involves time. New, more efficient habits of moving and thinking need regular encouragement and support, especially at the beginning.

After an initial intro set of three lessons (2 for the price of 3), it’s usually recommended that a student consider a series of lessons. Progress is generally faster if lessons are scheduled once per week. The initial intro set of three lessons should be taken, ideally, within one week. If this is not possible, then within two to three weeks. It is important to experience the continuity of progress that is possible, especially at the beginning of your journey.

Lesson prices effective January 1, 2016

Student Discount 10%

One Lesson (45 minutes)



Intro Offer, 3 lessons for the price of 2 (valid 2 weeks )


5 lessons, paid in advance (valid 2 months )



10 lessons, paid in advance (valid 4 months)



30 lessons, paid in advance (valid 1 year)



SPECIAL OFFER: 10 lessons, paid in advance of first lesson (skip Intro Offer)



Student Intro Offer, first 6 lessons (valid 3 weeks) Then 10% off everything! Students: Anyone under 30 with a valid student ID


Everyone responds uniquely. Individual circumstances are always taken into account when considering how many lessons may be recommended.

After studying for a time, some students enjoy periodic “tune-up” lessons.

Are lessons a “treatment”?

The process of the Alexander Technique is educational in nature and does not constitute medical treatment. The information exchanged during sessions is to be used at your own discretion. When in doubt, see your appropriate medical professional. Please take responsibility for alerting the teacher about any conditions that would affect this work.

Where do lessons take place?

Two options:

  • Grandview area (near Fifth Ave/Grandview Ave)
    Columbus, OH 43212 USA

  • NEW! Video Conference Performance Coaching
    (by appt. using your webcam ~ same fee as regular lessons ~ pre-paid only)

Payment Options

Prepay for webcam coaching by either of the following methods:

  • Mail a check to:
    PO BOX 12151
    COLUMBUS, OH 43212-0151

  • Pay securely online with a credit card or PayPal account. No PayPal account needed for credit card payment. Once a course of lessons is agreed upon, an invoice will be sent with a secure link for payment. PLEASE NOTE: When using PayPal, a service fee of $2.50 USD per lesson is added to cover bank fees.
Additional Options





• n.

1 composure or self-possession of manner.

2 equilibrium; a stable state.

3 carriage (of the head, etc.)


1 Balance; hold suspended or supported.

2 carry (one’s head, etc., in a specified way.)

3 Be balanced; hover in the air.

Oxford Dictionary DK Illustrated

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