Denison University Student Testimonials

At the end of every term the Alexander Technique students are invited to write a personal assessment paper. They are asked to write about what they understand the AT and Body Mapping to be, how they have grown during the term and how they might envision applying the Technique to the future. Here are a few of those papers.

The FULL TEXT of each paper will open in a new window.

"I never fail to be amazed at how much I still have to learn. Here I am --- 21 years old --- weeks away from college graduation . . ." K. S. — FULL TEXT

"I will admit that the first few weeks of the semester I was having a hard time identifying with the Alexander Technique. I was not exactly sure what it was about or how I could apply it to my own life. Slowly I began to make connections and actually experience the technique . . . " J. K. — FULL TEXT

"People tell me I look happier now, and I say, “Things just seem to be coming together.” I feel that this is due in part to the Alexander class and how it has taught me to open up to myself. I always described it as my hippie class . . ." Anonymous — FULL TEXT

"The Alexander Technique helped me reorganize my body. Eventually, I became less and less aware of the pain in my back as it went away. Other places in my body also became less tense as I brought my attention to them and altered the patterns I had formed that were causing discomfort . . ." K. M. — FULL TEXT

"My biggest break through in terms of the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique directly affecting my immediate life is the ease in throwing pots. As I have told you throughout the class, throwing pots has always caused much pain in my carpal tunnel . . ." L. H. — FULL TEXT

"There’s only so much one can do to get anything right. But what seems right may not be correct. And what seems correct may be wrong. Perceptions may be illusions . . ." M. P. — FULL TEXT


"The Technique is a way of thinking, acting and a state of mind . . .

Students of the Alexander Technique are continually learning ways to expand their awareness and better ways to correctly utilize their body more effectively and efficiently."

J. S. —

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