Individual Student Testimonials

Occasionally, students will offer their thoughts, sometimes solicited, often not, about their experiences with the Alexander Technique and Body Mapping. Here’s a sample of comments from students who are currently taking or have taken individual lessons.

The FULL TEXT of each will open in a new window.

"I waltzed out of our first session swinging my arms, amazed at the feeling of looseness that had become so foreign to me but only took this one hour to rediscover." A. B. — Fall 2003 FULL TEXT

"At the beginning of the semester when you announced that we’d be “Body Mapping," I assumed that it had something to do with trying to draw some anatomy illustrations. Little did I know what I was getting myself in to . . ." K. H. — Spring 2003 FULL TEXT

"As an artist, I have been able to relax to a greater level when combining the Alexander Technique and my art." H. J. — Spring 2003 FULL TEXT

"When I started the Alexander Technique, I had a specific problem in mind:

. . . how to help with performance anxiety. Through the private lessons, I learned how to align my body and breathe correctly.

This along with constructive rest helped me to loosen my form and play better. I did not get tired after rehearsing and my body was in much better shape after a long rehearsal.

I was much less nervous than I had ever been when playing in front of others and my senior recital was a great success. I owe a lot to the Alexander Technique."

A. R. — Spring 2001, Denison University Student

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