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Recover your natural balance, coordination and poise. Learn to move with greater ease, child-like grace, buoyancy and spontaneity.

Balance and poise are inherent in our design. When we feel discomfort, stress or experience pain of one sort or another we may be out of balance in some aspects of our life. We need not be a slave to unproductive habits of moving and thinking and the unfortunate consequences that may result.

Discover what many actors, athletes, dancers and musicians already know. Whether at work or play, our body works best if we use it efficiently. It is possible to re-learn ways of moving, thinking and living that reduce or eliminate discomfort and pain from our daily lives and yield a more dynamic poise.

The Alexander Technique has been found to be very useful during pregnancy, natural birth and parenthood.

Reveal the inborn wisdom of your body. Anyone who desires to live and move with greater ease will improve the quality of their life by learning the Alexander Technique and Body Mapping.


/poyzd/ adj.


fully prepared or in position and about to do something.


motionless and balanced, or motionless and suspended in the air, often just before or in the midst of an action: a bird poised on a branch.


calm, self-assured, dignified.

Encarta World English Dictionary


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