Workshop Student Testimonials

Here’s a sampling of comments submitted by past participants of workshops and seminars.

The FULL TEXT of each will open in a new window.

"David is an exceptional teacher --- not only because he explains the material with great clarity but perhaps more so because he makes himself fully available to the group . . . he also fostered a sense of safety in the room . . ." FULL TEXT

Stephanie Gaynor
Arlington, MA USA

"I'm glad to tell you that your workshop made quite an imprint on me . . .

The additional use of the Body Mapping concept is fascinating to me and I react well to the straightforwardness of it all. I have been using the ideas in my teaching as well as in my non-teaching life. I can't believe how it all fits in, and now I have a more tangible vocabulary to support my more intuitive thoughts.

I think that what you [teach] is core to what we all are [teaching]. Many, many thanks!"

Marilyn Roth, Co-Chair, Piano Department
Division of Preparatory
and Continuing Education
New England Conservatory
Boston, MA USA



"Still really enjoying the Body Mapping info . . .

My students seem to be as energized by the little bits I have shared as well.

Still think it was some of the most productive hours of my musical training."

Emily Roos, Flutist
Boston Course

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